Visualize your competitor's content calendar.

Hemlock automatically aggregates all the stuff your competitors do online and lets you analyze and explore it through a simple, calendar interface including social media shares, videos, blog posts, podcasts, and email campaigns.
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Hi Product Hunt! Gregg from Hemlock here. Excited to share this tool and once again grateful that a tool like PH exists to help creators like us get the word out a gather such priceless feedback. Hemlock in a nutshell is a tool that aggregates all the little bits of digital marketing that are publicly available on the web and then instead of making charts or graphs or reports, it recreates the way all those things were planned and organized in the first place by that brand: a content calendar. A marketer at the day job, there had always been this disconnect between how I plan our own marketing - a calendar - and how I tried to keep tabs on my competitors' marketing - individuals feeds or my inbox or a dashboard in other tools. It's been amazingly insightful for my own marketing efforts and fun to get it out there so others can use it too. Would love any/all feedback. Thanks so much!
@greggblanchard how do you use this? For inspiration? To crib ideas? I've always heard that you should just stay focused on what you're doing — and not worry so much about the competition (since that's what I tend to do). What's your take?
@chrismessina Great question and thanks for the comment, Chris. I use it in three ways. First, just as you said, for inspiration which is the big one. And not just on the content, but the distribution. I've learned a ton by being able to dissect the ways competitors time and role out their product launches, for example, or how they use/reuse a blog post across their channels once it's published. Second, I use this for following my competitors in general instead of following them on Twitter, subscribing to their newsletter, adding their blog in my feed reader, etc. It's my replacement for many of those. Third, I said "many" in that previous sentence because I still follow a couple. And I love catching myself noticing or remembering some message of theirs and being able to go back and see what they did to get it to stick in my brain. One brand whose webinar I joined had tweeted the link probably 3x as much as I realized they did. Re: not being concerned about competition, I've heard that sentiment as well and I get why people say it in theory, but in practice I've found that ignoring competitors is kinda like running a race with your eyes closed. You may get a personal best, but you probably aren't going to win. It's not about copying their moves, it's just about giving your own moves context.
@greggblanchard super, that's helpful — thanks! Those sound like pretty robust use cases.🙌🏻
Big thank you, I would like to try a free test :) A lot of the time these tools start amazing and the industry comes in and ruin everything, hum hum Mention!.... Also I definitively stan you, good luck!
@emmanuel_b_lepage Thanks, Emmanuel. I hear ya. We'll do our best to make sure it doesn't get ruined ;) Appreciate the comment.
@thinker Thanks, Nick! And congrats on the new gig.
Congratulations for launching @greggblanchard!
@clominson Thanks so much, Rich!
Do you guys have a plan to track more than 25? Also curious what level of detail you extract? I’m Interested in aggregation of content as a use case more than competitor monitoring but your product looks cool so thought I’d reach out
@mwtbrowser Adam, great question. We can absolutely track many more than 25. With some of the other products we've built we've used the same data for custom and larger scale needs, could easily do the same here. I'll send you a message, would love to hear what you've got in mind.