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Hey folks, Since launching on iPhone and iPad, we’ve loved hearing your stories of totally unanticipated use cases: from English learners expanding their vocabulary, to job seekers sprucing up their resumés, and even to someone who uses it to c̶h̶e̶a̶t̶ help on crossword puzzles. Today we’re introducing Hemingboard for Mac. It lives in the menu bar, works in any app, and is free for 24 hours with code “KITTY”. (Edit: For those of you who didn't check Product Hunt yesterday, we've created code "GLASSKITTY" for the next 24 hours for 70% off.) Cheers to mac-ximizing your wordplay, Team Hemingboard P.S. In case you missed it the first time, Hemingboard iOS is 50% off right now.
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@johnnylin Snatched it up. I use the Mac dictionary / thesaurus on a daily basis. This tool is already saving me time from a few minutes of use. Will recommend often. Thanks for the gift!
@johnnylin Great move! Quick question: I've tried to download it but it asks for a "license name". What do we need to enter?
@guidoj @johnnylin That's probably the name you entered. Should be entered exactly as the email you received upon purchase.
@johnnylin Hey, does “KITTY” still work? :(
@santhoshstyl Hey, sorry - was editing the receipt email and accidentally disabled the coupon for a few minutes. Should work now!
Hey, thanks for bringing this gem to us - and thanks for the gift also - do you plan to add other languages to the app ? soon ?
@steveraffner Absolutely. We're plugging in more languages in the next few weeks - both for iOS and Mac. Subscribe to Hemingboard News (hemingboard.com) or follow @hemingboard on Twitter/Facebook to be notified.
@johnnylin I hope within these languages ​​to include the Greek language !!!
Really cool! Are you planning to support other languages? Keen on German ;)
Really awesome app. Have both Mac and iOS app. Get it!
This is really awesome app for non native English speaker like me! I have always struggled with writing. I need to write up press releases, description in App Store and etc etc. I usually ask professional proofreader to help me. But it is always good to come up with better draft before proofreading. I hope Hemmingboard can hep me be a better writer :)