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Hey folks, As a Product Hunt launch offer and in celebration of Children’s Picture Book Day (March 28th), we're making Hemingboard free for 24 hours. Hemingboard is the keyboard with puns, synonyms, and rhymes built in. Type a word and tap the hummingbird to automagically get dozens of word and phrase suggestions. It's perfect for terrible pun-chlines, rap battles, songwriting, photo captioning, online dating, and of course, complimenting the S.O. Send us your feedback, comments, and groan-inducing puns at hello@hemingboard.com. Cheers to a pun-nier world, Team Hemingboard
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@johnnylin My only complaint about @hemingboard is that the keyboard doesn't use the same capitalizing shift key function as the default keyboard. And what I mean by that is that on the regular default iOS keyboard when you hit the shift key all the letters change from lower case to upper case to make it obvious you are in upper case mode. @hemingboard does not do this. It does that old iOS keyboard nonsense where it leaves it upper case for both modes. Please change this, and it will be the most perfect keyboard ever! haha
@bluetidepro @johnnylin @hemingboard Agreed! Also, my Hemingboard is showing every letter on the keyboard underlined.
@bluetidepro @hemingboard Great suggestion! We'll put this option into the next update.
@searchresults @bluetidepro @hemingboard Oh no -- that's definitely not supposed to happen! Can you send us a screenshot and details (iOS version, language, etc) at hello@hemingboard.com?
@johnnylin @hemingboard So disappointed I missed it ..
This is great @johnylin! I wish I could use it, any plans for a Android Release? Thanks, Calum
@calumwebbworldw @johnylin another Android user here who doesn't want to miss out!
@edleake @calumwebbworldw @johnylin Hey folks, it's definitely in the works. Have a prototype almost ready for alpha testing. We're currently focused on working through the feedback on the iPhone/iPad version, which should take a few days. If you'd like to be an alpha tester for Android, email us at hello@hemingboard.com. Cheers, Johnny
Is there any alternatives for the desktop? Thanks!
@buger I'd like to see a desktop version too - cool little app though!
@edleake @buger Hey folks, sorry we missed this comment. The Mac version is in the works! A lot of overlapping code. Will post on PH when it's available.
Hey folks, It has come to my attention that the hello@hemingboard.com email was misconfigured. It's been fixed now. If you sent an email there in the past few days, please try again now. We really miss your terrible puns. Cheers, Team Hemingboard
This is dope! It makes my text have some swag. I wonder if I can get signed to Product Hunt Records from my new text skills. 🎤🎼
@dredurr Friendly reminder to keep your phone in a cool place when using Hemingboard, so it doesn't overheat when you're texting hot fyre. 🔥🔥🔥 PS: It may be tough to get signed to PH Records. Be prepared to set your sights lower, like Def Jam or Shady Records. ;)
@johnnylin Yo! That just might be the illest reply I have received. What percentage of that was @johnnylin to hemingboard? Either way I'm blown away💨
@dredurr i don't know that %, but i know you're 100% too kind! thank you. 🙏🏼