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Passwords sent over email live forever, but not with Vault.

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Hi Hunters! I wanted to give you a quick overview on why we built HelpSpot Vault. Our main product is a help desk software product. Over the last 10 years supporting it we've had countless customers send us private information to our support email address. It always bothers us because we know that this information now will live in our help desk forever. Of course, it's also living in email archives on both ends as well as whoever happens to be listening in between those two points as well πŸ‘€. The real kicker is sometimes we actually need this information to do our job. We need their password to access a system, we need a link to one of their servers, etc. HelpSpot Vault lets us give them a secure expiring way to send this information to us. When we need some info like that, we just say "Hey, send me that data but please use Vault to do it". Done. Now they can send us a link with the details and we know in a few minutes or hours that data will no longer be available. All that will be left in all those email archives and help desk tools is an expired link. I hope you find it useful! It's completely free and doesn't even require any registration to use. I'm happy to answer any questions you have! UPDATE: I did a short podcast on it here
@ianlandsman This awesome. I've used tools like this internally at some companies where we needed to share sensitive data even on a private network. That this available publicly for anyone to use is so cool!
@mubashariqbal Thanks sir! Yep, there are also other similar tools that you have to pay monthly for. But really, this is one tiny row in a database that lasts for a few minutes! Seems like it should just be easy to use and free.
If you're wondering, Vault is built with Laravel PHP, Keybase TripleSec in browser encryption library, and a $6 budget!
@ianlandsman Yeah, it's cool to hear what's under the hood in a product like this. Nice work!
Cool. I always cringe when I see how easily people give up their passwords over email. I'll try this out.
@jeffrey_wyman Exactly! Here's the url, username, password for my account 😳
How can we be sure the info we put in the box is secure?
@raritan Nothing is perfectly secure. We do include Javascript from some other companies like Google, etc. Their resources could be hacked, our servers could be hacked, you could have a keystroke tracker on your own computer, you could have a browser vulnerability etc. This is a simple tool to take normal people's security up a level from plain text passwords over unsecured transmissions into systems that store them forever to something better. It's also not exclusively for things like passwords. I often use it to send links, customer ID's, etc. Things that are not a 'security' issue in an account access sense, but which I do not want to live in the receiving systems database until the end of time. By expiring the link I know that that information will only be in their system for a short time. As with everything online I recommend common sense when using it! It's a tool trying to help things go in the right direction, but it is not a complete solution to online privacy.