HelpSpot 4.5

Introducing new free license and zapier integration!

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Version 4.5 of HelpSpot includes a Zapier integration which lets you pipe HelpSpot data into a variety of other services such as “Post to Slack when a new request is opened” or “On Category Change In HelpSpot to “Bug” -> Create Github Issue” which would be really useful for development teams. The Zapier integration unlocks a whole new level of things you can trigger your help desk to do, very much like a IFTTT recipe. HelpSpot also includes an API you can plug into and features a Live Lookup feature that you can connect to your CRM or Database and perform automatic lookups of customer information so you can have a holistic view of your customer to assist them better. The new HelpSpot Free License will allow small groups to manage requests with ease and have the benefit of being backed by a full-featured, robust app that can scale easily with their needs as they grow that they didn’t have before; and moving to a paid license is as easy as uploading the new license file.
There are some innovative reports and other refinements too. There's a summary of some of the biggest additions here