Helpmonks 2.0

The collaborative email platform for your team

Helpmonks 2.0 is the brand new version of the successful email collaboration platform. In 2.0 you will find new integration and plugins: Trello, LiveChat, Custom Fields, Customer Satisfaction Ratings and Custom Application (integrate with your own apps). Furthermore, we will introduce our Helpmonks CRM and automated email marketing tool, soon.

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Love this idea
@kcucchia Thank you. Stay tuned as we come out with a Helpmonks CRM real soon )

Helpmonks is the perfect concept (charge for a support desk on a per mailbox basis and not a per agent basis). Like HelpScout and Freshdesk, Helpmonks is oriented towards seamless support via email. For us, Helpmonks is just short of the polish necessary to allow us to move from Teamwork Desk. We're watching Helpmonks closely though. Helpmonks is the most affordable quality email support help desk option on the market.


Great concept, very customer friendly organisation, great pricing.


Unfinished UX and workflow. Lots of rough edges.

Hi Alec. Good to read from you. Thank you for your review. Would you mind telling me a bit more what you mean "Unfinished UX and workflow, and the rough edges"? It's a broad generalisation and it would really help us. Here is probably not the best way to discuss this, hence you know how to reach me :) I also invite you to check out Helpmonks again. I can give you a free account too. Thank you.
Who it compares with more novel solutions in the market? Any comparison?
@themiguelamador What novel solutions?
@thenitai Freshdesk, Zendesk, etc. Mention novel because it seems you are longer in the market, so I expect others have built on top of existing solutions. Just looking for some comparison on features and performance since I am looking for a self hosted option.
@themiguelamador We've been in the market since 2013. Not so long :) Though, in the recent ten months, we had the fortune to sign up over 2000 customers. Helpmonks is my 6th startup. That said, Helpmonks is unique as we not only offer a SaaS solution, but also a dedicated server (we manage for you) and an on-premise solution. We have a lot of companies using both of there, whereas the on-premise solution has seen an update in the recent months. You can find out more at and Feature-wise, we have collision detection, reminders, notes, tons of plugins and more. We are about to release the Helpmonks CRM and a Helpmonks Automated Email Marketing Tool. Also, team/group feature coming soon and more. You can see all the features at A 30-day trial is available at and pricing at Let me know if I can help with anything else.
@themiguelamador Hi Miguel. The concept is awesome and Nitai is really supportive. I've used Freshdesk seriously (two years as main help desk), HelpScout (three months, pre-Freshdesk), Helpmonks (two trials of about two weeks) and Teamwork Desk (about two years). I'd rank the solutions in this order in terms of power, flexibility and user experience: 1. Teamwork Desk (started off very rough but if you throw enough engineering hours at something it starts to work well, though there are still some persistent issues like not being able to customise your view - you have to do it every time you open every browser on every device from scratch). There's also no logic in managing actions - for every action, you'll get a notification so if your actions overlap a single agent or manager can end up with five notifications for a single ticket arrival. 2. HelpMonks for the concept. There's still a lot of rough edges in terms of user interface and how screens load. HelpMonks needs about two weeks of a very good UX designer working with a great front end developer to smooth out the workflow. 3. Freshdesk. Very capable but over-engineered. There's no hope of ever getting to a zen workflow here as it's just very micosofty and programmer oriented with options everywhere. Loathe their intrusive gamification as well. You can do anything you like with Freshdesk though. The underlying organisation is client friendly even if support sometimes sends you in circles (Indian company, it's kind of the Indian style to not get you to an answer right away, don't know if that will ever change). Unlike foreign companies with Indian support where no one is empowered to solve problems, Freshdesk eventually can and will resolve your issues. 4. HelpScout. Overpriced and underpowered. Plays poorly with other help desks. No portal option. I keep hoping Helpmonks will become good enough to become our main help desk as the pricing and service is model is the best in the industry. If you need to immediately put a powerful and affordable help desk into action in a high pressure environment (our case), Teamwork Desk remains the best compromise for now.
@themiguelamador @foliovision Regarding "I keep hoping HelpScout will become..." I do hope you mean Helpmonks here? :) Again, we go over our UX experience a lot and people like it. Please do let me know what you mean by your comments on the UX. I also invite you to check out Helpmonks again. I can give you a free account too. Thank you.
Good job!! 😊 how does this work ?
@ayush_chandra Once you set up a mailbox you get a unique email address, e.g. You then forward all emails from. e.g. to the address (best is to set this up on the address itself). From now on, all emails sent to will make it into your Helpmonks mailbox. Every user of this mailbox will now get an email notification from Helpmonks. You should now only reply to this email from your mailbox and NOT check or reply the address directly anymore. This guarantees that all conversation goes over Helpmonks/your mailbox and everyone stays on the same page. Additionally, you can use our email commands to write a note, assign the email to someone, etc. write in the email reply itself. Our how-to page shows you more how this works - I hope this makes sense.
Used HelpMonks early one and was not only impressed with features but Also responsiveness to Support requests and even feature requests. Signing up now to use with my new business!