HelpMe Feed

A breastfeeding support app 🤱

HelpMe Feed has been created by our not-for-profit foundation which aims to support 50 million families around the world. To meet the needs of today's parents, the app provides resources and tools that are HIPAA-secure and clinically approved.
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I think this is a fantastic idea for a product - especially as an app. Some people are fortunate to have breast feeding walk in clinics in their neighborhoods, but they are a tiny minority. Providing women with helpful resources to support them as they learn how to breastfeed from the comfort of their own home is a noble endeavor - and I appreciate that the app is HIPPA compliant and created by a Not For Profit. Will definitely spread the word to those who might need or value these resources.
@angela_jeffrey Thank you so much for the kind words and support. We're very appreciative of it. You are absolutely right about so many women not having access to lactation support in their communities.
This is tremendously needed! Breastfeeding needs to be more generally normalized and mothers helped in doing so. Keep up this fantastic work
@jimmyjam James, you're spot on. Thank you so much for the kind words and support. Our team appreciates it.