Deliver 6x better customer self-service experiences.

Helpjuice is the best way to:

1) Deliver Self-Service To Customers.

2) Host your internal documentation to help onboard new hires.

Why Helpjuice?

1) So Customizable You Can Never Spot A Helpjuice Knowledge Base

2) Super Powerful & Easy

3) Analytics That Will Make You Question How We Know What We Know

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Hello Product Hunters! πŸ‘‹ My name is Emil Hajric. I bootstrapped Helpjuice 8 years ago, and we've been consistently working on making Helpjuice better every single day since. We are a fully remote team, building a single product, and challenging ourselves every year, for 8 years now. What is Helpjuice? Helpjuice is the world's most powerful knowledge base software that is perfect for: 1) Delivering a Self-Service To Customers. 2) Host your internal documentation to help onboard new hires. Why is Helpjuice better than other platforms out there? There's 4 reasons: 1) It's infinitely customizable. We made a dedicated knowledge base examples page to help drive this. 2) Dead-simple to use, and very powerful. We support tons of authoring/collab features, have a powerful editor, and it's overall very intuitive to use. 3) Our Analytics collect so much data to help you understand how to make your knowledge base better, how people are currently using it, and even who isn't using it on your team (if you use it internally) 4) Google-like Search. If you've used other KBs, you know how annoying keyword-based search is, even if it's full text. Our search is NLP-based, rather than searching based off keywords. We also do a little bit of machine learning for better ranking Why do you require credit card to sign up? This is supposed to be a secret, but I'll spill the beans: We hand customize every single knowledge base, just as a thank you for signing up. Do we offer a Slack bot? Yes, we have a Slack bot. We also have a Google Chrome App, Salesforce, Zendesk and a few other integrations