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Ankit Aggarwal@ank2302 · Blockchain Tech
@ayusin Why can't we simply use Slack at college? Why did you feel there is a need for this? Slack is free, and widely tested out. What niche do you plan to create? Just wanted to gain some insights.
Ayushi SinhaMaker@ayusin · Co-Founder, Helpingo
@ank2302 Thanks for digging deep. The way we see it is that Slack does messaging and X other things like business admin tools and third-party integration tools, relevant for businesses. Helpingo wants to do messaging with Y other things relevant to students like peer discovery, notes sharing and event/assignment announcements.
Ankit Aggarwal@ank2302 · Blockchain Tech
@ayusin (notes-sharing in helpingo = attachments in a channel in slack), (event/assignment announcement = reminders in a channel in slack). But, I guess people might have said the same thing when slack started (there was WhatsApp etc.). One never knows what works! Best of luck, get growth - hacking!
Ayushi SinhaMaker@ayusin · Co-Founder, Helpingo
@ank2302 Target audience is quite different for both. And so does the look and feel. Notes sharing for students might not be equal to attachments for businesses. Because the context is different, so will the use-case, and hence the design and usage. While the two platforms look similar at surface, there would be big differences fundamentally. Ofcourse at the end of the day, you never know what works. Everything is a remix! :)
Param AggarwalHunter@paramaggarwal · Web and Mobile Apps.
Congrats to @ayusin on launching the Helpingo app for college students. While families use WhatsApp, friends use Messenger, offices use Slack and communities use forums, college students are still stuck in a mix of tools with college mails, Facebook groups, word-of-mouth, WhatsApp groups and physical notice boards. This makes their life stressful because there is always a fear of missing out and always something happening. Enter Helpingo. They are starting off with a simple app. You create hubs and then you can get into a discussion in these hubs. Others are notified when some discussion begins. Additionally to make an important announcement, you simply convert your message into a card and it shows up on the Dashboard along with notifying everyone. The app is mobile-first, Android-first (because India) and built in React Native and is a great example of what the technology can do. Built with love in Bangalore, India. Ping if you'd like to intern remotely!
Ayushi SinhaMaker@ayusin · Co-Founder, Helpingo
Thanks a lot @paramaggarwal. We are truly honoured to be featured here. :) Helpingo is an app that simplifies communication within college. Would love to have a lot of feedback from the awesome people out here.
I want to try this out but I'm on iOS. Why would launch on only Android? You should've gone for both platforms to get as many users
Ayushi SinhaMaker@ayusin · Co-Founder, Helpingo
@therealcoelho Hey Karl. Apologies that you are unable to try the app. We launched on Android because it dominates the Indian smartphone market (Android has around 97% of the total Indian smartphone market share). I agree we are not solving for 100% users but Android was the easiest way to get started with our initial users. We will definitely launch on iOS as we move forward.
Amit RoushanHiring@akroushan · Chief Product Officer, Playo
Congrats Team.. Great Idea. Loved the Ui/Ux. Sleek and beautiful..
Ayushi SinhaMaker@ayusin · Co-Founder, Helpingo
@akroushan Thanks a lot Amit! :)