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HelpDocs is the best way to educate your customers about your product. Our knowledge bases come packed full of great features to help you improve your customer education and reduce your support volume.

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Hey everyone! I'm Jake, one of the founders of HelpDocs. Thanks a ton for hunting us @charlieirish :) HelpDocs is hosted knowledge base software that helps companies make better help documentation. A few months ago we started building out our own docs because we couldn't find a platform that let us make great looking docs AND keep them up to date. For SaaS companies especially, the product usually changes more often than the docs. Customers get confused, and get in touch with you anyway. Or just abandon the problem they were trying to solve. We have tools (like reminder emails) that help you keep them fresh, plus a ton of neat integrations with platforms like Drift, Front and Intercom. And we think our frontend looks pretty sweet too. 😻 So check it out. I'd love to hear your feedback!
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@jakeapeters @charlieirish - Hi Jake. I love how clean this is and I think you're spot on with the unlimited users feature. One thing we've done is a ZenDesk integration with Slack so we push all tickets to a Slack channel where anyone in the company can subscribe to see issues that are coming in and talk about them before responding to the customer. We don't really need everyone responding to them, but we do want everyone to be cognizant of all the tickets coming in and to be able to discuss the issues openly so we can get back to our customers more quickly. Anyway, love the product :)
@tariktech @charlieirish Hey Tarik! Thanks so much for coming over to check us out :) Unlimited users was definitely an important one for us to do. All-hands support is pretty much the norm in a startup, and per-user pricing just doesn't work for teams like ours! The way we see customers using HelpDocs right now, is they'll invite their whole team, then each team member will write about their specific area of expertise. That way you get awesome docs covering all areas of the product 👍
@jakeapeters @charlieirish - Absolutely. The other thing I like about everyone seeing tickets is that the devs can get started figuring out potential solutions for a real problem rather than waiting for "customer support" to pass it on via "product"... It shortcuts a lot of cycles that are present in larger orgs.
Been following HelpDocs journey for a while now and really like the new design 🙌 Highly recommend for startups who need quickly and beautifully set up their Help/Support knowledge base 👍 Good job Jake and Jarratt!
@akacoxy Thanks so much for all your support so far Kristo! Love the work you guys are doing over at Deekit, too ☺️
@akacoxy Cheers Kristo! It's great learning from you guys and your startup journey. 😬
Nice tool, guys! The design is great and it's such an improvement to old-school FAQ pages.
@yvonne_kol Thanks Yvonne! Super glad you like the design ☺️ Hope you're having an awesome day.
HelpDocs is a very nice tool for your help docs / knowlede base. Beside that, Jake and Jarratt are awesome and super supportive. Highly recommended! 💪🏽
@mdekuijper Aw shucks, thanks a ton Martijn! You guys over at Revue are super awesome—we've been loving using it for our monthly digests 😁
Jarratt and Jake did a great job with the design and development of HelpDocs! Since the project is self-funded, I didn't expect to see a lot of features, but I was pleasantly surprised—the knowledge base is extremely flexible and customizable, and also has some useful integrations like Drift chat. It is worth giving it a go if you're tired of managing static HTML documents for your support desk or you need more flexibility to your current knowledge base solution.
@kaloyanyankulov Thanks a ton for your awesome comments Kalo! We're integrating with popular SaaS platforms to make sure it fits in other startups' workflow. We love using Drift & Front 🙌