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Thanks @erictwillis. My 2nd side project on ProductHunt, this feels awesome :) helps you discover amazing DIY tools, that can help you build your dream websites, logos, graphics, videos and a lot more, all in one location. Feel free to suggest more categories or products to me via the comments here or via twitter :)
@erictwillis @saijo_george thanks for including @launchkit screenshots!
@erictwillis @launchkit @mulligan anytime, that is such an awesome product
@erictwillis @saijo_george Phenomenal. I use your site all the time. Really appreciate your dedication and work for this community.
Hey, @saijo_george! Some feedback: The images are inviting and the categorization is useful but having to hover over each square to read the name and tagline for a product makes this very difficult to scan. P.S. I love the Product Hunt shout out in the footer of the page but please don't ask for upvotes. πŸ˜ƒ
Thanks for the feedback @rrhoover , I will look in to it. The up-vote banner is gone.