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Just tried this service and it was a fantastic experience. I also love the per minute model. The challenge is going to be keeping their rates at $0.15 per minute, maintain quality and still make money. If they can I will be a customer for life.
@ryangarman cheers Ryan, you just made our day! We are totally user oriented so will never compromise on the quality of service provided. Help will only get better :)
Hey there Product Hunters! We want to simplify your life by providing a personal secretary on demand to help you with anything - ordering, shopping, planning, scheduling, researching etc. – instantly over chat. Just get anything done from trusted experts 24/7 at a flat service fee per minute! You can even place orders through the app with a tap. We would love to hear your thoughts on the experience so please give us a try and share any feedback/suggestions that you might have. For our beloved hunters, we are offering service free for a week so get started now!
@abh1manyu great to see more players in this space. However with a per minute fee how do you ensure that the assistant doesn't just delay the work on purpose to make more money? I take it you pay them a fixed fee per hour, but your incentive is strongly aligned with them taking longer than they should? Not the best for customers wouldn't you say?
@syedaliahmed Great point Ali, happy to elaborate - our only focus is to provide the most seamless, reliable and transparent experience to the customers via 1/ bringing on board vetted experts and professionals who believe in providing exceptional service 2/ creating a rating mechanism thereby giving power to the customers (no tolerance if an expert's rating falls below a certain threshold) 3/ building a sustainable platform and business model where we don't employ/pay the experts and thus ensuring our incentives are more aligned with delighting and creating long term value for our customers!
Totally loving the response so far - been helping users with research on a history topic, tickets booking, calling stores for availability, finding gifts for loved ones, making reservations, planning a romantic evening, booking haircut appointments, writing job descriptions, organizing a team retreat, finding things to do and even looking for a standalone toilet seat + many many more!!
I'm liking the way this looks, but it's missing one very important thing. How much does this cost? There is zero information both on the website or in the app. It says I get free service for a week as PH user, but is that worth anything? How do I show I'm a PH user? Many questions.
@jonmrich Thanks Jonathan for dropping by and sharing your thoughts - our service is currently free but post promotion we will have a basic (15c/min) package and a premium (30c/min) package that user can choose depending on the task. We're still working on the messaging and will reflect the same on the website too! Keep sharing your suggestions :)
Thank you Hunters for such an awesome response so far - we're terribly excited and slightly overwhelmed with the volume of requests coming to us! Keep'em coming, we would love to hear every bit of feedback. Even with our best estimates we didn't expect or plan for such a response but be rest assured we're doing our level best to respond to your task requests in a timely manner. Will definitely respond to all your comments here at the first opportunity :)