A beautiful professional smart plant sensor

helloplant is professional plant sensor which sends notifications to your smart phone directly via Bluetooth. An optional remote hub provides integration with smart home systems and allows you to monitor your plants while you are travelling. It's unique design allows to measure soil moisture and soil temperature through the rugged plastic enclosure

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Hi! Helloplant is currently funding on Kickstarter. It's a professional smart plant sensor monitoring your plants. Through an optional remote hub you will know when to send your friends watering your plants while you are travelling. It monitors soil moisture, air and soil temperature and ambient light. Feel free to ask me anything about the project! -Peter
@peter_honeder Neat product! Not sure if this is already in the works, but it would also be cool if you could have it automatically notify your caretaker, along with any special instructions you want to include. Good luck!
Very cool idea. I'm your client
@yarik_chillom thanks for your support!
Congrats with funding. Love your project
@robert_melkonyan thanks for the positive feedback!
Unfortunately, XIAOMI already did it, and they did pretty well. https://www.aliexpress.com/store...
@huangdun UI is in Mandarin, and there are quite a few people who don't speak it. That said, helloplant's advantage here only exists until/unless Xiaomi translates their product.
@verbiate they already have the option to choose different languages since a few months ago. Flower Care by 北京花花草草科技有限公司 https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/...
@verbiate @huangdun the largest difference is, that we support notifications directly over BLE. Additionally we also provide a soil temperature reading, which isn't influenced by the sunlight and provides better approximation for plant positioning. And when you are not at home or want to integrate with other smart home systems, we offer a remote hub to access the data over network.
I love great inventions like that
@tatyana_romanova thanks for your feedback!