Creating forms on your static website has never been easier

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Why HelloForms?

We created HelloForms to simplify and stream-line contact forms for static websites. Why create a backend page that has to connect to a mail server, handle file attachments, etc when you can submit your form to your HelloForms link and we handle all of that for you?

Check out a demo here 👉 https://helloforms.co/demo



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JakeMaker@0x15f · FullStack Developer.
Let me know what you think of HelloForms!
Klaus Breyer
Klaus Breyer@klaus_breyer · Jack of all Trades in Technology
@0x15f Nice. How about GDPR?
JakeMaker@0x15f · FullStack Developer.
@klaus_breyer We are GDPR compliant, I meant to add TOS/PP links in the footer I'll add those now. If you have any questions about our compliance shoot me a DM or an email at jake@lynndigital.com
Ozgur Ozer
Ozgur Ozer@ozgrozer · Software developer
@0x15f I can't submit any form because there are lots of errors. Symfony errors.
JakeMaker@0x15f · FullStack Developer.
@ozgrozer fixed!