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Hello everyone! Thank you Andrew for featuring HelloDigest. I created this tool because I get a lot of newsletters (& drip emails) every day and it is very time consuming to go through each and every email. Moreover, these emails come in at ad-hoc timings and distract my daily workflow. However, I would still like to glance over these emails so that I don't miss any important update (product updates, offers etc.). With HelloDigest, I simply digest the emails once directly from Gmail and then it sends me a single email every morning at 9am (my timezone) with all new emails in the last 24 hours. Do try it out and let me know your feedback. I hope you find it as useful as I do.
@anant_garg It is not sending me digest emails, and you aren't responding to support requests. WTF?
@stoweboyd Not sure why you are not receiving the emails. Will have to check. Did you email hello@hellodigest.com?
@stoweboyd Looks like the email spam filter blocked your email. I've sent a reply. Will investigate and get back.
How is this different from Unroll.me
@jameswahba In HelloDigest, you can directly digest an email from Gmail. Say you get a newsletter email; you simply need to click on the HelloDigest button and that will ensure that all future emails from that sender will be digested. There is no other site/page you need to visit to digest emails manually. My primary aim was to ensure that minimal time is spent digesting and viewing emails.
As a consumer, I think this is pretty awesome! But then as a newsletter sender (Product Design - http://designforhumans.email if you're curious), I'm not sure how I feel about this. How does it affect the open rates (also the read time, CTR etc) of the original newsletter? I figure the tracked data would become unusable or at least misleading because of a service like this.
@arunpattnaik Hi Arun! HelloDigest is designed with consumers in focus. However, from what I understand, for email senders, it will mark the email as open when the consumer clicks on the email screenshot.
@anant_garg So the click would be counted as an open AND a click?
@anant_garg @arunpattnaik It'll likely count as an open once when the screenshot is taken, and once again when the email us viewed. Opens are imprecise and fuzzy to begin with, so I doubt this will change anything.
@samsexton @arunpattnaik Agreed! Gmail also pre-caches images adding to the fuzziness.
@anant_garg @samsexton Fair enough, but it also makes optimising the emails incredibly difficult. If an email doesn't get opened, we won't know if it landed in spam, the subject was uninteresting or if the images in the newsletter looked bad in the hellodigest screenshot. On the other hand, the false-opens during screenshot would move up the open rate (and not the CTR) which is not only misleading but also won't tell us whether the newsletter was a success or not.
This is genius. I literally have an email account just for my daily newsletters. How does it work with newsletters I get at 4am EST and 11am EST? What about weekly and daily?
Follow up: what does it do to sender's open and click through rates?
@andrewett All your newsletters will come in as a single email at 9AM EST (your timezone). Planning to add a feature to avoid sending emails over the weekend shortly.
@andrewett When you click on a screenshot of an email you would like to read further, it counts as an open (& click through).
It'd be cool if there was a way to select multiple emails at once
@mzindaa Hi Melissa, yes working on that for the next release. It's an effort in the start. I've seen that more or less, after the first effort (to get most of your newsletters into the system), you will get very few newsletter emails on a regular basis that you'll need to digest.