All your podcast episodes, guests, and research in one place

Stay organized with a single tool to plan each podcast episode and publish on schedule. Plan your topics and keywords, manage guest details, sponsors, show notes, and more. Review in calendar or list view. Fall back in love with producing your podcast!
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looks very cool!
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@jeremy_poland1 Thanks Jeremy. Just getting started, too. So much more planned.
Hi Everyone. As a multi-year podcaster who's used every planning tool around for managing my podcasts, I felt the time had come for a dedicated tool for podcasters. I'd tried Google Sheets, Trello, Evernote, and Airtable. I spent as much time tweaking those tools as anything, and it nearly burned me out of podcasting. So I wanted to build a niche productivity solution primarily for indie podcasters, though we've already got numerous professional podcasters using our platform over the last few months from a private beta. We're finally ready to open it up to the general podcast public. If you're a podcaster, we hope you find what we've built to be useful.
As someone that does a podcast (plug!), I can see the need for this but I wonder if it's significantly better than the spreadsheet we use today. Thoughts, @brandonhull? I'm also curious what's on the roadmap next.
@rrhoover Hey Ryan. Fair question since that's how I did it for a while as well! But I've not found a single podcaster (maybe until right this minute!) who used that one spreadsheet for everything: their episode ideas, their guests' contact info, their show notes, their sponsors (rates, time periods covered, visually matched up with their episodes), and their episode attachments (audio files, headshots of guests, other graphics/artwork that might go in a blog post). That's what we aim to provide. Little to no customization needed. No system to build. Just import your podcast and go. The roadmap is primarily filled with 1) integrations: for guest scheduling (think Calendly), for pushing info straight into podcast hosts, etc. 2) customized workflows for indies and teams. We have pros using our system already, with teams they have doing the dirty work. HelloCast is there central nervous system for the status of the overall episodes and individual tasks tied to them, and 3) helping with promoting episodes through social channels from within the app. Spreadsheets can't do most of those things!
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