Hello Weather for Android

The exceptionally useful no-nonsense weather app.

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Jonas DowneyMaker@jonasdowney · Designer at Basecamp & Hello Weather
Hey everyone, we have a sweet new version of Hello Weather for Android out now. It's the same great design from our iPhone app, plus it has a few Android-exclusive features like screenshot sharing and notifications. Happy to chat here about how we made it, too!
Joshua Pinter@joshuapinter · Product at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
Always been a fan of your guys' design on the iOS app. Great to see you guys made it for Android as well. Question, did you go completely native or did you take advantage of React Native?
Askar@askar · Chief Everything Officer, ARSHtec
@joshuapinter glad that I read thru the comments, I was about to ask the same question. All along, I thought the app was hybrid (webview) and wonder why it took this long to get to Android.
Dan KimMaker@dankim · Android Programmer at Basecamp
@joshuapinter Hey Josh, we're proud to say it's a hybrid native/web app. No React Native involved at all. Performant webviews that can be shared is the core, plus native level-ups and components where it makes sense and improves the app.
Dan KimMaker@dankim · Android Programmer at Basecamp
@askar @joshuapinter It took a while because Android wasn't really in the cards when Jonas and Trevor started this adventure. It started as just a bit of fun and learning on iOS. But over time I got increasingly frustrated with overly complicated (and ugly) Android weather apps, so I asked if I could write an Android version -- both for my own sanity and for anyone else who might enjoy it. They were cool with the idea, and so Hello Weather for Android was born!
Binoy Xavier Joy@binoyxj · Technology Evangelist | Artist 🎨
Good that you're providing an alternate data source. Dark Sky works well in the US, but outside the US, WU does a decent job.
Joey Johnson@joeyj_218 · Ordinary Kid That Likes Cool Stuff
This is my go-to weather app on IOS.
Avi Parshan@avi_parshan · Android Developer, YouTuber
Haha, not another weather app :( . At least it's better than a To-Do List
Jonas DowneyMaker@jonasdowney · Designer at Basecamp & Hello Weather
@avi_parshan thanks for the helpful comment!