Hello Weather

All the weather info you need, and nothing you don't

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Hey everyone! Thanks for adding Hello Weather to Product Hunt and upvoting, we appreciate it! Give me or Trevor a shout here or on Twitter if you notice any bugs or have any features you'd like to see in the future.
Great looking app. I only have one question I don't see explained anywhere: Where is the weather data pulled from?
@unseenvision Glad someone else was curious as well.
@unseenvision We're using data from Forecast.io for now. We might add other data sources in the future, though—still looking into that.
@jonasdowney Nice. Thanks for the info.
@jonasdowney fantastic. I use Dark Sky and forecast.io already. Will try out your UI!
Can't believe this is free, should charge for a nice weather app. Any plans for a Today Widget?
@hrbrt Widget is in the works!
Saw this on Slack yesterday -- it's really a fantastic app and strikes a great balance between too much information and overly sparse design.
What tech did you use to make this? Native ObjC/Swift or something else? (I'm guessing native as it's iOS only for now)