Hello Vino

Wine recommendation app for non-snobs

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Nice! In honor of being featured on Product Hunt today, we've got an $80 credit towards some delicious vino - now available in the app (5/19 only) while they last!
Brilliant recommendations! Love the focus on safety with Uber integration.
@s_milbank Thanks, Stephen. The "Get a Safe Ride Home" feature powered by Uber (via the Button SDK) was a no-brainer. Always a good idea to summon a designated driver on demand.
@rickbreslin So nice to see you and Hello Vino on Product Hunt! Hope you've been well. Everyone, Hello Vino is a great app, give it a shot!
@tysoncaly Thanks, Tyson! We Food & Drink developers have to stick together.
I wonder what about other languages? There are good wines from different countries and sometimes all the information on the bottle is written in native language of theirs...
@panasova Couldn't agree more - there are AMAZING wines from all different countries. Localization is definitely on the roadmap, but as you can imagine, it's a herculean task with hundreds of thousands of wines produced every year.
Hey guys! Great app. I tried calling your concierge - because I don't have anything better to do at the moment - but I got left a voice mail :( Any plans on scaling this service?
@edchan77 Thanks for trying out the Concierge feature, Edward. The team is usually able to field multiple calls at a time... maybe you caught them on a lunch break? Hopefully you've already received a call back by the time I'm typing this reply.