Hello Tab

Replaces your new tab page with random thoughts from others

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Hello Product Hunters! Hello Tab is a chrome extension that replaces your new tab page with random thoughts from others. You can use it to anonymously share a thought or simply get inspired by other's thoughts every time you open a new tab (cmd+T). We are happy to get some feedback!
@neuling2k nice product! I would totally love to have comments and possibility to like quotes. some of them are really funny!
@jollife @neuling2k thanks! those two features are definitely on our list for version 2!
My browser currently has 13 new tabs. You just made me do that. πŸ‘πŸ‘ I'd love a fav button! :D
@chryssa :D glad you like it!
@chryssa You can just hit cmd+R to refresh the new tab page, as well 😊
@crtvhd i know! i just got excited! :D
I definitely need two browsers now. One for Hello Tab, One for Product Hunts own Chrome Extension! 😿
@jollife We're already thinking of building a chrome extension that cycles all your new tab extensions lol
@crtvhd Hey Martin! Really loving Hello Tab - awesome design. I'm actually working on an extension like the one you mentioned above. We should chat :)
@cpollo01 @jollife Awesome! Ping us @ taylorswift@hellotab.com. We're more than happy to help or contribute in any way!
Absolutely love this! So far, messages have been super fun. Might be cool to see where in the world the message is coming from, I just saw one in French! :)
@kevinz Working on it. Thanks for the great input Kevin!
This is great.