Hello Rails

A course designed to help you start using Ruby on Rails fast

Web apps are flippin’ hard, but they don’t have to be...
With a focus on actually building out a modern real-world idea, my course Hello Rails teaches you Ruby on Rails, a tried and true web application framework, from the ground up.
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Hey everyone, Ruby on Rails has helped me take my career to the next level by being able to build out full scale web applications, and now I'm sharing everything I've learned. After receiving a ton of great feedback on over 70+ published YouTube videos, I decided to create a comprehensive course for those looking to learn more about this framework. I'm excited to announce that my course Hello Rails is officially live! 🎉 The course clocks in at 90 videos, which guide you from creating a new Ruby on Rails application to deploying that same production ready app to a remote server. This in-depth course is for you if you have started following a tutorial and aren’t quite getting it. Maybe you’re more of a visual learner or designer like me. Perhaps you want to build out a prototype of your latest idea for an app, or you're just curious about trying a new web app framework. If any of these strike a bell, this course will be a great fit for you. Give it a shot at https://hellorails.io

U should try it


Explaining in details, easy to understand


still havent found any cons