Hello Matcha Tea

Unlock the benefits of tea in its purest form

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Thanks guys, also we've got 15% off for Product Hunters. Just use the code TeaHunt in the checkout.
@tommyismyname Awesome! Just ordered some.
What's the advantage of ordering your Matcha over going to the next 100 results in google besides being on PH? (not trying to be an ass, just curious)
@m1lesv Hey, no offense taken. Right now, honestly, not much. Right now, it's a single, great tasting product, and that's about it. However, the _idea_ is to develop our products and features around the feedback we get from our early customers. Some ideas floating around right now are matcha out on a subscription model, putting together "starter kits" for people who are new to matcha tea, giving free recipes to customers, and ultimately, bringing a nice little relaxing ritual into our customer's day. This is very much experimental right now, but so far it's been doing well. We'll see how everything goes over the weekend and hopefully with our early adopters, we'll create something together that they really love :-)
@tommyismyname thank you for the honesty + explanation! i'm onboard - love the vision.