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Hey! Michael from Hello Many here. We're super excited to be on product hunt. Hello Many is really a fun project for us. We have a passion for design, love finding great ui assets and we want to make it easy for everyone to find them. Right now we're working hard on developing a dashboard so authors could add their own products, promote their products and access marketplace data to help design future products. We'd love to hear any feedback or questions.
@miwhitham this looks pretty cool. Nice to see some of our #ThemeForest items in the themes section :)
@miwhitham Great resource. Out of curiosity and learning, how do you define "great" ui assets and if in the end of the day, a marketplace open to all pixel creators? Trying to see this from a product fit perspective and who are you targeting in the end of the day.
@saijo_george thanks! looking forward to adding more stuff from #ThemeForest.
@howiec @miwhitham Excellent question, this is one of our early challenges; defining what is great asset. Once we finalize the criteria, we'll put it to words and create a section on Hello Many that describes it. But for now this is where we are: Every item category (themes / ui kits / icons) has different criteria of what makes them great, so it makes the process quite difficult and lengthy. As a general operating philosophy we've been looking for quality over quantity on all accounts. For example we're less interested in themes that can do everything, instead we're looking for a theme that does 1 or 2 things really well. The design of the asset is really important. Regardless of the type of asset, the asset needs to show that the author understands design by demonstrating excellent use of typography, timely choice and assembly of color palettes, photography (where appropriate), structurally the asset must makes sense and overall nothing seems like it was left to chance. That's basically it for now. We will definitely keep you posted on that. Thanks for the kind comments.
Our designers will be bookmarking this one :)
Sent this to our design team -- thanks for hunting it.
bookmarked!!! looks great