Hello Hooman

Transform your beloved smileys to cat emojis.

Hello Hooman is a Google Chrome extension that we created for the World Animal Day, that transform human emojis into cat emojis by itself. What you waiting for hooman? Meowload now!

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if you are a cat person like me. You will like it.




it's funny soo no cons

This is quite relevant to the Product Hunt community 😻
Hey @uguraydogdu_ 👋 tell us about Hello Hooman. What inspired you to build it?
@uguraydogdu_ @ems_hodge Hey Emily! Actually we wanted do something different amongst other World Animal Day projects. We should bring this significant day to our everyday life and our daily routine. Is there anything more global and routine than our emojis? We use them all the time! So we though we should transform all our smileys to cat emojis. Fun way to remember and honor our lovely friends in our daily life. We enjoy and love every single step of this project. Hope you love it too :)
I love emojis but even I am not sure of this 😂😻