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Stop annoying spammy helpdesk widgets

#2 Product of the DayMarch 16, 2019
Hate running over all these little "Can I help you widgets", with little red badges, chat bubbles popping up, that you just don't need 99% of the time?
This free add on frees up your screen from those.
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Ay, super excited about my first product hunt launch. Hope you enjoy this addon as much as I did building it. I'm sorry there are no PH special offers because I can't go below free with the price πŸ˜‰ I made this also open source on GitHub https://github.com/bcye/Hello-Go... Have fun with it, feedback is much appreciated, pull requests even more.
The landing page should make the most annoying pop-up and say something like "Hate this? download us today". Gets the point right across.
@swiftpolar I'm actually gonna do this now lol.
@bcye You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain. In this case, you're the hero in a Villain's cape. Hahaha :D
you're gonna hit the bull eye. only a few weeks ago there was a discussion on twitter about it and the basic tenor was, annoying like hell. clippy 2.0 :D wish you good luck with it. definitely a good idea and a market, thanks to nerving marketing people, is also there! :D
@de_henne thanks for the encouraging words :)
Congratulations on your launch!
@fajarsiddiq Thank you, so excited :)
@bcye I just installed it, and it works on my own personal site fajarsiddiq.com! Great Product! So fast!
@fajarsiddiq I think I might actually have tested it with your site ;)
@bcye It's awesome! In midst future, any plans to make on "add-on list chat pop up block" the sites that i don't want to?
@fajarsiddiq I'll see what I can do.
@bcye It's great tool. And the website is loading fast when the extension is active. I have one features suggestion that If user want to see chat support then there should be a way to load the chat module on click. otherwise great job.
@mddanishyusuf thanks for the suggestion, that's what the disable button is for
@bcye disable will off the extension for all website.
@mddanishyusuf yeah until you press enable again