Hello Epics for Trello

Simplify your Trello board with parent/child relationships

Hello Epics is a Power-Up for Trello that lets you group cards with parent-child relationships without downloading or installing browser extensions. Quickly see how cards are related, identify work streams, and better track a project’s overall progress—all within Trello’s existing interface.

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Great to see this out there :) I am sure you will get a lot of interest. One of the top issues people have with Trello is managing parent-child relationships. Now there is another option for them to manage that, and finally they can do it directly on their cards.
@robinwarren Thanks Robin, much appreciated!
Hello Product Hunters, We originally built this to scratch our own itch at Substantial. We love Trello but every one of our teams had a different way of grouping cards into Epics/Milestones/etc. Some used columns, some used labels, but none were happy with what they had. Hello Epics has helped us to simplify our clients' Trello boards while simultaneously enabling them to communicate status more clearly than ever before. We're excited to release it to you all and get your feedback. Oh, and before I forget, the first 100 product hunters that subscribe with the code PRODUCTHUNT get 50% off their first month. I'm also happy to answer questions here. Thanks!
This looks really useful!