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Color contrast generator

#5 Product of the DayAugust 16, 2016
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This is so cool! Reminds me a bit http://randoma11y.com, but I love such resources! Just an idea, but you could make a public api of it, that would be useful :) Thanks!
@lukyvj thanks! I literally stole the idea from @4lpine and @mrmrs_
@lukyvj also, thanks to https://zeit.co/now, I deployed an API in under ten minutes! https://hello-color-api-ebffeskg...
@jxnblk That was fast. And the result seems solid :) \o/ congrats! ( now, buy a domain on namecheap, and make the api available on a readable url :3 )
@jxnblk @lukyvj @4lpine going to steal this design from you so seems fair
@lukyvj Nice job! Already using this quick API you have mounted! I hope it continue online heheh
Would be neat to allow users to input one hex value and be given a contrasting color to pair with it.
@mazameli You can change the c parameter in the url
@mazameli you can do that on randoma11y like this: http://randoma11y.com/#/?hex=ff00ff
This product is awesome.. I love it.
Please add option to view history of colours clicked. Great inspiration.
@tomflemming check the developer console or use the browser back button
@jxnblk thank you! (I had no idea that was there.)
@tomflemming well the back button actually working is new as if this morning ;)