Hello Belly

The cutest guide for future moms and dads

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Hi! Hope, you like our super-cute project. Every week of pregnancy future mom gets several tips: about health, how’s baby developing, how to get over all the pregnancy difficulties. No heavy medical information, overloaded by specific terminology — only useful practical tips in cozy form. No doubt, each tip will make you smile! Hello Belly is made by the Hello Baby team: babyalbum.com
@v_urban LOVE the art style!
@v_urban great job and awesome team! Good luck, guys!
@sharifulin Thank u, Tolik! Hugs!
I want to be a women now =)
@goldman_artem well, you can do it in our days) But even if you decide to stay man, we will prepare special tips for future dads too.
What a cool thing! Such an awesome new reason to have a baby! I'm one of those dads who badly needs it.
This is super cute (and helpful) for parents-to-be. Wish it had been around when I was pregnant!
@donnamkennett thank you Donna.
@v_urban Where does the content come from? As a person who thinks "one day maybe", we freak out about what "truth" to follow, so often we end up going to the "classics" for advice... While we'd like to try new things (and cute matters), having confidence about your content is key.
@cancom10 @v_urban We took information from "classic" books and web resources, change copyright, to make it simple and illustrated. We don't give any medical advice now. Only simple facts that are important for future parents. Thanks)