Hello Alfred

Your personal butler. Groceries, housecleaning & more.

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@chrismessina yeah, it says available nationwide. but when I signed up (I'm in san francisco), it just shows me this: doesn't make sense
@chrismessina Ugh, I'm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and I've been waitlisted!
@chrismessina @_jacksmith the wait list in SF is just for in-home Alfred service. You can use Hello Alfred, our remote service, to help book and coordinate your weekly chores and to-dos.
@chrismessina @jabrueckner hold tight - we are in Brooklyn Heights and Williamsburg, Greenpoint (with its awesome restaurants) is up next. Sign up your neighbors to get it faster! Sign up 5 and we'll give you service on us.
@chrismessina @_jacksmith @mssapone Question: What is the remote service without the in-home service? Coordinating Instacart? I'm wait listed in D.C. and I'm confused by the "nationwide" roll out. Otherwise, service looks promising!
I'm a customer. Very happy customer. Go go Alfred!
Hello Alfred distills your weekly routine down to a simple conversation. It is available by texting "Hello" to 917-382-8028--think taking a picture of your grocery list and having it delivered to your door, or texting a picture of your overflowing hamper to schedule a laundry pickup.
At $25/week, this is a steal!
@tanaymodi1 I think this is unsustainable pricing... These guys has to be careful with the pricing model, it can easily kill them. It's nice that they have $12M and they will be cheap in the beginning, but it's not sustainable. They have to be smart. look at Uber, they started with Limos and were expensive. Is always good when you go with your price down, but I think it does not work the other way....
@tanaymodi1 @tomashertus To clarify, $25/week covers the weekly in-home visit and coordination. The cost of groceries, dry cleaning, home cleaning are additional. You can think of Alfred as a way to automate your home and have everything taken care of while you are off doing other things.
Would love for this to happen outside the U.S.
@douglascrets Was just thinking that, these kinds of services only being in the USA are one reason it's tempting to move back.