Super fast photo sharing



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Aleksander Skjoelsvik@alekplay · I like making things
Maybe I'm just totally misunderstanding the concept, but why not just use Snapchat to share a photo?
Take This OutMaker@takethisout · @KeepNone
@alekplay Well I feel Snapchat is a little confusing with too much sliding and touching just to send a photo to a friend. And plus with Hello photos don't disappear after a few seconds, they only disappear after someone replaces a photo with a new one.
Aleksander Skjoelsvik@alekplay · I like making things
@takethisout I see, thanks for explaining!
Daniel Shaffer@dshaffer731 · Founder LocalList
Doesn't seem like it saves a ton of time.
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
How does this differentiate from holding down the camera icon in an iMessage conversation? Now the receiving person has to have this app too?
Take This OutMaker@takethisout · @KeepNone
@bramk In iMessage holding down on the camera button opens the camera to begin recording. In Hello holding down on the camera button allows you to quickly view the photo you have received or sent. And yes both people will need to have the app.
Robin RaszkaPro@robinraszka · Founder of Facemoji
@bramk @takethisout I wonder what makes you think this is a better UX? Why not show the photo you have received immediatelly and why not just tap the username to send a photo i.e. Taptalk.
ali mirza@alimirza2k · Growth Marketer & Digital Entrepreneur
hey @takethisout can I share photos on social channels too ? or just friends ?
Take This OutMaker@takethisout · @KeepNone
@alimirza2k Just for friends. At least for right now ;)
Jon Samuelson@jonsamuelson · Innovation Strategist - Beaverton SD
I didn't really find this app easy to use. I work in education, so we are looking for easier ways to share photos between shared user iPads. Hello didn't seem like it would save us time and I was just testing out with my family.
Take This OutMaker@takethisout · @KeepNone
dazi@dazi786 · CEO,Helpiez
@jonsamuelson hey you can also try Plix app to share all your photos in one tap.