Caller ID and blocking for Android by Facebook

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My ancient landline had caller ID, something that should be built into iOS and Android, imho. h/t @joshconstine for this one. Here's his TC article. P.S. ironically, another app named Hello is also on Product Hunt today. 😃
@joshconstine @rrhoover Yes :-) We've just posted HelloChat.co
@joshconstine @rrhoover That totally just caused some confusion between me and @brian_lovin. This looks super slick!
Hello! My name is Alexandra and I’m the designer on the Hello app. I will be around for the next hour to answer any design questions about the app. I will try to get to as many as I can! Look forward to your questions!
I'm apparently missing the big deal on this one. My dialer (default) already pulls data on numbers, so the only advantage would be cell phones that people have synced with Facebook. The calls via VOIP are cool but for the most part you can just do that via messenger.
Contactive (http://contactive.com/) has been doing this for years but with multiple data sources, like LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp and more. Arguably, their access to Facebook data is gonna be impacted by the changes in the Facebook Graph API 2.0, where you can't access friends data unless they also use you app. Also, Google released this as part of Android Lollipop (https://support.google.com/nexus...) For iOS this would be pretty much impossible given the restrictions in the APIs. Using the Contactive API (http://developer.contactive.com/) I built a prototype for iOS. You could see info of the caller without having it in your contacts, using the native caller screen, but it was a total hack and the experience was suboptimal. In any case, Facebook is only going to care about this app to the extent they can extract data from users, not necessarily caring about the value it provide to their users. Since they are not going to tap in other data sources, they are limited to a younger and casual market and they will miss the real opportunity, the enterprise. For these reasons, I don't see this app going too far.
@luisobo I use contactive and rocks!
this is HUGE