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These guys are just shipping their first batch from their Kickstarter campaign. I love their focus on safety (more lights = more visibility) and security (track your bike via GPS if it gets stolen).
I really considered backing these on kickstarter, but I held off for a couple reasons: 1- There's no way to adjust the angle of the headlight, and I find myself wanting my light angled down more on sidewalks/dirt trails and further out on roads. 2- There's no spec for how bright the bar end LEDs are, and I don't have a ton of faith in them being bright enough to function at turn signals in the day/dusk 3- Having to look down at every intersection to see if I need to turn seems neither safe nor convenient. Some sort of vibration alert could be interesting? I'm really hopefully that they're V2 will be a no brainer purchase. We'll See!
Hey Guys, Tony here, Co-Founder & Engineer at Helios. Let's keep the questions coming! @nayafia, thanks for being a fan! @cyrborgnation 1.You're right, the front headlamp is non-adjustable. However with 500 lumens shining in front of you it's actually unnecessary. The average bike headlight is 25-60 Lumens, so you can imagine the brightness advantage Helios bars have. The spread on our beams is pretty thorough - we'll have to show you in person sometime! 2. The rear LEDs are standard 8mm RGBs and in daylight they do suffer a bit from visibility, at dusk/night they actually illuminate your body and ground as you ride giving a sort of color ambience that follows you as you ride. It's a pretty incredible and unique experience at night. 3. Yeah, it can be a bit cumbersome looking down at your LEDs while they guide you in unfamiliar territory, but we see too many cyclists distracted with their phones and felt this would at least keep both hands on the bars. Let me know if you have any other questions and/or other feature implementations you'd like to see. Thanks! @ZackShapiro I'm actually building bars right now! It's 2am here in Shenzhen, but kickstarter backers don't sleep 'til their rewards are filled so I'm in good company! We're still taking pre-orders and would love to add yours to the build list. :).
@SwampTony Thanks for the response! I'm actually running at Nite Rider Lumina 550 on my bike right now, and I still find myself adjusting the angle on it quite frequently. I'd love to see some sort of diagram for the illumination range/angles on the headlight! Do you all have any new features/improvements planned yet for the future?