Helena by Woo

AI that brings you the right job opportunities anonymously

Helena by Woo is a 2-sided AI powered agent/headhunter for matching tech talent and companies. Sparing both sides the hassle of finding each other, Helena does the work instead. As an agent she lets tech professionals discreetly and passively get job opportunities from companies that meet their personal wish list.

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Thanks Ben for hunting us! Hey PH community, I’m Liran, co-founder & CEO, of Woo. We’re excited to share our newest iteration of Woo. For the past 2 years, we’ve been heads down building and perfecting our newest offering. We’re pleased to introduce you to -- Helena! She’s the first 2-sided, AI-powered virtual headhunter. Despite there being a lot of recruiting tools in the market, we still see employers & talent spending a lot of time and effort trying to find each other. The hassle is so great that talent usually just stay put. Woo gives tech professionals the ability to enter our platform and tell the virtual agent what their ideal job is, get real time feedback if the opportunity is realistic, and how they need to adjust it. Then Helena goes to find them only the right opportunity & will represent them if they want to move forward. On the employer side, recruiting teams don’t have time or resources to adopt more channels. They’re really maxed out trying to find the best candidates. Their efforts should be invested interviewing and screening rather than chasing after candidates. Plus headhunters are a very costly channel. Helena does all the heavy-lifting from scouting to identifying, matchmaking, approaching, sourcing and even the initial intros. Early results show our 2-sided, AI powered marketplace works: 52% of candidates sourced by Helena move forward with interviews. She outperforms 20x better than job boards. Would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! We’d also love to have you sign up and test out Helena. Thanks in advance!
Watching this company from day one. Super cool to see this release. Curious how they will scale in such a saturated market though.
@hilzfuld Thanks for the love Hillel! Agree -the market is big but we believe it's inefficient. Both parties, talent and HR professionals, are spending way too much of their time trying to find each other. We believe that by introducing a strong technology to combat this will change the entire eco system, by improving its efficiency.
Looks like an amazing product. Good luck guys :)
@robertnachum7 Thanks! Means a lot
Great product and amazing team, rock on guys.
@geva_t Appreciate the love Geva. Thanks :)
Very cool! Good luck guys!