The only laptop bag that improves your posture

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This is interesting. Always wondered how bad our posture must get when working out of a laptop. Compared to looking directly at a large screen... Starring down at a laptop screen feels crammed, maybe this is a good fix. Nice design @AmandaBirkenh
So while I like the idea of a bag like this, doesn't that mean that I would always have to carry an external keyboard and mouse with me wherever I go? If so, you just added two more things I have to carry with me and that does not make me a happy person :(.
@chezacke Of course you can use HELCY also without an external mouse and keyboard. However to have the perfect posture you would need both of them. There are many solutions out there that are very thin and light weight and the comfort you gain makes it absolutely worth it.
People carry keyboard in their bags ? That's a news to me !
I am excited to introduce HELCY (Healthy Ergonomic Laptop Case for You). It has been a long and exciting journey to develop this product. With many people testing different prototypes I constantly tried to improve the design. Finally I am ready to present HELCY to you and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them :)