Hekla for Hacker News

Fast and customizable; an iOS client for Hacker News.

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Hekla for Hacker News is an iOS client for Hacker News. Fast and customizable, it is inspired by the Apollo client for Reddit.

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Zachary Will Sy
Zachary Will SyHunter@zacharycsy · A 17 y/o who just ❤️ to innovate!
Bumped into this app in Hacker News (Show HN). Installed it and wow, was definitely impressed by the UI/UX. It's built with React Native for iOS and Android. His back story from HN: There have been recent statements from big companies, like Airbnb, about phasing out react native because it doesn't play nicely with their native codebase. The feedback I've seen is all based on the misunderstanding that React Native and native isn't a good fit. I wanted to demonstrate that this not the case, and that, if an app is built from a React Native first approach, it will not just work, but work very well. The codebase is in TypeScript, Native Navigation, Firebase for API, mobx-state-tree for app state, Code Push for OTA updates, Sentry for error tracking and CSS Modules with Stylus for styling. Will definitely be using Hekla to start browsing Hacker News from now on!
Dan Parsons
Dan Parsons@danbyday · Ent 2x in Chi. Now in SF trying to help!
Nice UI although was throwing errors when trying to login.