Hej Stylus!

Full fledged Stylus control for your mac.

Hej Stylus! is a control system for your graphic tablets pen, mouse or other input method.

Gain control over the smoothness of your lines – damp out little irregularities up to using Hej Stylus! like a ruler. It's pressure control system lets you define pressure control curves has pressure smoothing and buffering. Also the tilt and rotational information that is delivered by the graphics tablet can be processed.



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Eilert Janßen
Eilert JanßenMaker@jansseneilert
This thing is under constant development. There will be pressure smoothing and predictive position smoothing added. Some rulers, too.
Martin Lucas
Martin Lucas@martinlucas · Martin Lucas, Print Manager
This looks awesome!
Eilert Janßen
Eilert JanßenMaker@jansseneilert
@martinlucas Sure it is. The swell and unique freehand movement shalt not be forgotten - but somtimes you need a steady hand. This is what Hej Stylus! is for. I am thinking of a playboard mapping different inputs to outputs - exchanging pressure and tilt - stuff like that. Also some defineable overrides or adding-ons to existing values. Reverse angle/pressure and stuff.
Very interesting product! It seems like the stylus works better with that glove that you are wearing. Is that something that you sell?
Eilert Janßen
Eilert JanßenMaker@jansseneilert
@chrisjano No, the glove is from SmudgeGuard - this really helps a lot keeping your hand sliding over the glass. I also use Brillianize(.com) - a plastic surface cleaner & polish to get less friction.
Konstantin Zhabinskiy
Konstantin Zhabinskiy@zzzhabinskiy · User Interface Designer & Developer
Wow! Looks great.
Eilert Janßen
Eilert JanßenMaker@jansseneilert
Close to Hej Stylus! version 2.0 now.