Converts your smartphone into a dash cam

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i use OSMand DVR (odd name i know) for iOS and it works amazingly. no specific hardware needed and you can even disable the mic so that podcasts, music, and nav still plays.
@thejeremycarson Hi Jeremy, OSM&DVR is amazing at what it does. HEED is both an app that records the drive and a car dock with a fast wireless charger. So your phone will be juiced up at the end of your drive, even after the battery intensive video recording.
Does it works with iPhone?
@oiv From the Kickstarter FAQ: "Any smartphone which runs on Android or iOS."
@oiv Hi Igor, yes it does. To charge the phone wirelessly, we are also providing a wafer thin wireless charge receiver that plugs into your iphone charging socket. The receiver can fit like a thin sheet of paper between your iphone and its case.
Hey fellow hunters! We are so excited to be hunted for a change! Thank you Kevin! :-) Ever since we got our hands on our first smart phones, we've been hunting for a place for them in our cars while driving. We have always wanted a car dock which is hassle free to install and use, and also not be bothered about plugging the car charger in and out every time. The years of lazy thought process translated into an year's worth of design work and HEED borne out. We wanted HEED to be simple to use, specific in its purpose, and easy to maintain over the years. Gel pads, wireless charging, and automatic background dash-cam features pretty much selected themselves in the must have list. The design is meant to be minimal, while not hindering its purpose. We are excited to bring this product out. Please share with us your inputs and share with your friends about HEED. We are running an early bird deal on Kickstarter- http://kck.st/2qsbvFp
looks like a good one! keep up with the good work.
@moshe_mor Thankyou Moshe. Would love to hear your inputs on the product.
@nitin_gk I will comment as soon as I can
How does the phone attach to the holder? Is it possible to get a magnetic version?
@livejamie Hi Jamie, a magnetic version and wireless induction charging can't go together technologically. So we have no plans for a magnetic version currently.