Settles Financial Smart Contracts 30X Faster

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Hedgy provides exposure to the price movement of bitcoin, enabling counterparties to realize profit potential without buying or selling the underlying asset.
I'm the co-founder & Head of Product at Hedgy. We're on an exciting mission to create a more open, accountable and distributed financial world using block chain technology. We have an awesome product roadmap towards a flatter financial world, so stay tuned as we grow our offerings!
@warpaul Will Hedgy be tied to the Bitcoin blockchain or will your product exist for other digital currencies as well (e.g. Ethereum, Dogecoin)?
@mccroden we're block chain agnostic, so we'll use any distributed ledger technology that works best for executing financial smart contracts. As far as hedging other assets goes, right now we're focused on bitcoin, but we haven't seen much demand for other cryptocurrencies.
@stvmcg thanks for posting us to PH Steve! Fun surprise this morning!
Congrats on the launch team Hedgy! Crushing it πŸ’―πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΌ