Build DApps like apps - no extensions required πŸ¦”

Hedgehog is an alternative to MetaMask that manages a user's wallet in the browser.
- No more mnemonic passphrases.
- No more irritating popups.
- No more fumbling with private keys and wallets.

Build DApps like apps.
Give users the great UX they expect.
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Glad to see more tools to make dapp creation and use more accessible. Many apps, especially social platforms, need critical mass to become useful so a simple onboarding experience is a dependency.
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Traditional dApps are heavily limited in who can use them. They can only onboard users who are familiar with private key management and Metamask. Given that metamask only has 1 million users, most dApps see incredibly low usage because they are restricted to this tiny userbase. Plus, private key management is a nightmare. Hedgehog addresses this. Finally, a good replacement for Metamask that makes onboarding quick, easy, with the UX of a real traditional application. How do you see the future of this product and it fitting into the ecosystem/Audius?
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@jesserank We see Hedgehog as a tool aimed at helping an extremely underserved portion of decentralized app users: those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies. With Hedgehog, a wallet is generated on behalf of a user without them even knowing crypto is operating behind the scenes. It allows users to interact with your DApp just like they would any other website, no extensions required, without centralizing control of private keys. The hope is that this leads to a reduced barrier to entry and consequently millions of future users of DApps that don't even necessarily realize it.
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Great to see new products working on improving UX & on-boarding experience πŸ™ Well done and congrats on the launch!
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Amazing work by the team Audius to ship this product. I look forward to seeing some great dApps using this in the future.