Dynamic Real-time Heatmaps for the Web

#4 Product of the DayAugust 13, 2014
Thank you @nikgraf for sharing! I'm the author of heatmap.js. This is already version 2 of heatmap.js with several performance optimizations and simpler API. I'm excited to continue improving the library day by day and I'm happy to answer any questions
@patrickwied I'm a big fan of CrazyEgg, how are you guys different/better?
@zackshapiro heatmap.js is not a competitor of CrazyEgg. As an OS dataviz library heatmap.js' whole purpose is to visualize [any] 3dimensional dataset as a heatmap (doesn't have to be mouse/touch-behaviour coordinates). Tracking is also not part of the js library, whereas CrazyEgg covers tracking as well as visualizing tracked data
I was just about to hunt this… haha