Analyze your Designs/Mockups with the help of a heat map

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"The Easiest Way to Analyze Web Design and Mockups. Check how people perceive your sketches, mockups, designs and web prototypes with the help of heat map. Find out what elements users pay attention to. In just a few clicks and without codes to insert." Seems pretty useful!
@bramk thank you for your mention!
Would love to understand the long-term vision for the product? Are you looking at building this into a company, or let it run and see what happens? What is your belief? Everyone will use HMC in the design process, as a replacement for user testing, etc?
@micah Thanks for your questions. Our team has several projects in different areas. All of them will be gathered under the name of HeatMapCo. We are going to roll out our service in nearest weeks. I understand that there are many strong competitors walking around. However, our service has ace in the hole =). I believe that HeatMapCo will attract users with its wide functionality and easiness of use. Moreover, our service will have API and it will allow to connect HeatMapCo with other tools. We will save a lot of time for those who work with design and interfaces at all.
Hey guys. We are almost ready to open. Stay tuned!
Sounds very cool! I can't discover how they get the analysis though...
@paulmusters thank you for your interest. We will make a full report after the opening. Currently we are finishing the design of the dashboard, so it won't take much time to launch the tool. HeatMapCo will be available as an extension for different browsers and CMSs. So we have a great plan for this app. I will be very thankful for your ideas and comments!
This seems to be exactly the same as CrazyEgg (http://crazyegg.com) How do you differentiate / whats your "killer feature"?
@micah our service doesn't need any codes or scripts to insert into your website. The only thing you have to do is to fill in the URL. CrazyEgg calculates the clicks and this operation needs time. HeatMapCo shows the heat map of the visual perception. It takes just a few seconds and doesn't require any inserts in the code of the webpage.
@micah @esli_kto_to Is it algorithm based?
@micah @rodrigoprior Yes, our service is based on the science research. The algorithm is a commercial secret . We are on our way to patent it.
@micah @esli_kto_to Do you have any plans for human based validation tests? It would be interesting as a concept proof! Congrats
@micah @rodrigoprior Our team has a strong plan for development. We considered human based validation tests as an absolutely different branch of the project.