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Once Hearthstone hit mobile, I lost all my free time. Curse you grim patron!
@iamunr It's astonishing how quickly this game sucks you back in.
@iamunr I didn't tell my wife this was out on mobile and started playing to get ahead of her. Challenged her a week later and she destroyed me.
Hearthstone does so many things right that MtG: Online gets wrong. Part of that is a consequence of the digital-first game design, and part of that is Blizzard's slick branding. The monetization part of this game is also very slick - while it follows the tried and true formula of paying to unlock more stuff faster, you don't feel bad doing it because the monetization is fungible (you can trade-in some stuff for other stuff) and because getting new stuff is randomized. You don't feel ripped off. That said, I know a lot of people who play both, and Hearthstone has yet to pull people away from Magic completely. It will be interesting to see how this game and this market evolves in the future.
@atroyn I think that as more packs come to Hearthstone, and different mechanics are introduced, more MtG players will at least try out Hearthstone. However, one of the genius things that Blizzard has done is simplified the card game experience. Magic is very fun, but it takes a lot of learning and a lot of setup. Hearthstone took me 2 hours to consistently start climbing ranked. I think this is a good mediator between the two, and not necessarily competition. Hearthstone is still awesome though.
I've been avoiding this for a while, which is increasingly difficult after their recent launch for the iPhone. cc @kellymcgrath @timithmcdoyle
@rrhoover Same. I tried it on PC and it just didn't feel right for me. It hit iOS and I was hooked.
@rrhoover @ryan_olsen Exactly how I felt. However, after getting into the game and trying to build decks from ios... started playing on desktop more, haha. Card Legibility is king.
@kellymcgrath @timithmcdoyle @rrhoover Stop resisting :) Also whatever you do, don't try Scrolls (possibly even more addicting)
@rrhoover It's easy to enjoy HS without getting completely sucked into it. One of the best parts of a trading card game, is acquiring new cards to play with. HS does an amazing job for the casual player in that you'll be constantly unlocking new cards to explore with. If they're able to better tune the current rating system, I think HS could have the best mix of casual/HC gameplay of just about any game out there.
I'm so happy Hearthstone hit iPhones. Some of the best CCG gameplay on mobile I've experienced.
I got kinda overwhelmed as all the expansions started coming out, but I played around 100 hours of vanilla Hearthstone. Hoping I can get back into the swing.