Heart for Heart

Monitor your heart in 90 seconds. For a good cause. 💓

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Yosef Safi Harb
@ysharb · Founder @ Happitech
Hi All, Heart for Heart is a joint initiative of UK/US based Arrhythmia Alliance, NL based Happitech, and US based Bug Labs with the support of the Dutch Heart Association. The goal of Heart for Heart is to speed up the development and accuracy of our technology to help detect heart rhythm disorders. In the same way, you donate your money for a good cause… See more
JP Raes
@jp_raes · Entrepreneur, positive impact company
@ysharb Awesome Yosef!
Jacob Rouser
@j_rouser · Digital Content Strategist, Shelton Grp
I would be happy to contribute if there was an Android version of the app. Any plans to release? Ultimately this is great work @ysharb - I hope this helps make the world a better place.
Tom Bielecki
@tombielecki · Cofounder, PrintToPeer
This seems very similar to what Cardiogram is doing. Is there a way to send you my Apple Watxh data instead of these camera readings?