Hear Your Handle

Discover great podcasts based on your Twitter handle.

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Hey guys, Try Hear Your Handle. It's a fun hack for finding great podcasts, based on a Twitter handle. Whether you want to learn more about what your idols are talking about, or you’d like to find podcasts that cover your own favorite topics, 'Hear Your Handle' will help you access the right content. All you need to do is add a Twitter handle, and 'Hear Your Handle' will match your last fifty tweets with ten interesting podcasts from all over the web.
Really interesting! According to @Handle, I should be listening to: How does this work, @andreascleve?
Hi @rrhoover. Thanks for commenting :-) The "@" is actually just a word play. Should have been removed(real @joinhyvi) But I guess we're in the mood for sending traffic to @handle :-) Love you guys ;-) Okay, so the concept is, that we look at your last 50 tweets and analyse them for topics and entities. We have done the same analysis on 20K podcasts (and counting). Then we compare the profile created based on your tweets, with the different profiles from the 20K podcasts and return a top 10 list. The profile is a set of confidence and relevance scores returned by our speech recognition and natural language processing backend. Best, Andreas from @joinhyvi
I actually found a few that I liked, will be giving them a spin later. If I reject (click the X next to each podcast) will it then improve the recommendations for the next time?
Hi @vistikloft Great question. Yes that's the idea! 😊 Next stop is to improve recommendations based on the topics of the podcasts you actually listen to.
Did any of the recommendations fall in your liking @rrhoover ?
@andreascleve I haven't had a chance to listen to them, yet! Great job with the on-site audio player though.
Hi @rrhoover Cool. Thx a lot. Let me know if anything pops up, when you start going through your recommendations. Great work you guys at @producthunt have done with http://www.producthunt.com/podcasts. I've heard you will be doing custom exports of podcasts to 3rd party mobile apps, is that true?
Great suggestions based on my handle. @JonSchaffer - Good luck on Product Hunt