Hear Me Out!

Improve your city by sharing, discussing the ideas in public

Hear Me Out! is a simple way to submit, discuss your ideas in public. Eventually, we want to pitch the ideas to the right stakeholders in San Francisco.

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Alex Kwon
Lounge - Live, Work, Play on Voice
Hear me out is a simple tool I just made in 3 hours off of a shower thought. It's not a project with a grand vision per se - I just heard that there are cities being run with Trello in public, and found such transparent process quite fascinating. This is my humble stab at a simpler version of it. If anyone is interested in taking on the moderation/expansion of the service, feel free to ping me @alexyoungkwon - Frankly, I won't have much time to manage this on a regular basis. I just really missed launching something and seeing people make use of it. *Tools used to create Hear me out - Chatfuel, Zapier, Google Sheets, Trello, FB *Shoutout to @jamesdaly90 for DrawKit! Seeing his illustrations made me wanna make something. You are an inspiration. https://www.producthunt.com/r/a9...
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James Daly
@alexyoungkwon This is awesome Alex, really like the idea behind the project, I had no idea cities were doing this via Trello, super interesting. Great idea simplifying it via Messenger bot as well. And you've made my day by using the DrawKit illustrations and giving a shoutout, thanks so much man 😊
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Paolo D.Building and tinkering
Love the idea! It seems a very smooth way for the good ideas that are working in smaller neighborhood communities to extend to other neighborhoods or to the overall city when applicable. Thanks for putting this together @alexyoungkwon !
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