Hear and Now

Hands-on Twitter training and onboarding for executives.

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if anyone can do this it's @ryandawidjan. He's a legit Twitter superhero
@ryandawidjan has been thinking critically about the relationship between a Twitter user's experience on the platform and the people he or she follows, and I'm really glad he's finally shipping it! After he tweeted out about it (https://twitter.com/ryandawidjan...) and got really positive feedback, he decided to codify his thoughts and process into a product / service. It's meant to help executives connect with other smart/interested users, become meaningfully involved in the digital conversation, and learn from new perspectives and industry developments that they would never have been exposed to without Twitter.
@ryandawidjan what do you see as the primary benefit of being good at Twitter, esp. for executives? Recruiting? In-the-known-ness? Notoriety? Partnerships? Serendipity?
@jongilman Hey Jon, this post may help a bit. https://medium.com/keep-learning... Consistent and smart usage primarily leads to an information advantage of what's going on in the weeds of your industry, company or ecosystem. It allows you to directly hear and learn from the individuals worth knowing about rather than waiting for those stories, comments or moves to be surfaced in a press outlet. It also helps amplify a bit of your personal and professional brand so that you can be a positive extension of your company.