Hear and Now

Hands-on Twitter training and onboarding for executives.



Jonathan Libov
@libovness · Union Square Ventures
if anyone can do this it's @ryandawidjan. He's a legit Twitter superhero
Zach Hamed
@zmh · Product manager at Goldman Sachs
@ryandawidjan has been thinking critically about the relationship between a Twitter user's experience on the platform and the people he or she follows, and I'm really glad he's finally shipping it! After he tweeted out about it (https://twitter.com/ryandawidjan...) and got really positive feedback, he decided to codify his thoughts and process into a produc… See more
Jon Gilman
@jongilman · Co-Founder & CEO, Bellow
@ryandawidjan what do you see as the primary benefit of being good at Twitter, esp. for executives? Recruiting? In-the-known-ness? Notoriety? Partnerships? Serendipity?