Unlimited control over real-world sounds

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hi guys, hi @seanevd Michael from RjDj here. Indeed, it is the same developer. RjDj is back in town :-)
@byzo @seanevd Duuuuuuuuude! I kept wondering where you folks have disappeared. RjDj and specifically eargasm is one of my first and favorite discoveries on an iPhone years ago. Hear looks awesome and I am delighted you are back. But can we please pretty please get the original eargasm filter back somehow? I'll pay whatever you want as an In-App Purchase!
@jaymutzafi try the relax filter :-)
@byzo Close, but not the same... :)
Dowloaded, then deleted once I got stuck at "plug in earphones". I use bluetooth headphones. Cords? What?
@smashbase Hi. Bluetooth is a tough one for us... Very low sample rate and therefor latency. We are looking into it but there is a big variety of bluetooth headsets with big quality variations and apps have no info about the kind of headset connected...
@smashbase Bluetooth has really bad audio quality and high latency in full duplex mode. Anyhow, we will add it in the next release .. for the daring
@byzo maybe have the user specify which it is from a list
Any plans to release Hear on Android, @byzo?
@fdorfbauer we got it working on android and seeing all these responses we will def. look into this!
@byzo @fdorfbauer Michael, latency will likely be a challenge on Android for you guys. http://Superpowered.com can help.
@pv @fdorfbauer latency +1 ..we got it to ok level but still an issue!
@byzo @fdorfbauer -- we're all about low latency at Superpowered. If you have any questions, hit us up at hello@superpowered.com
@byzo @fdorfbauer nahh don't look, touch!
I really like the concept, but the site and the video just creeped me out and I don't think it did a good/professional job of introducing the product.... Just my viewpoint..
@dilyaraskar Felt the same :) bored to read just watched the video and came to read the comments to see what is it about. Will download and check the app for sure.
I didn't realize @byzo, founder of Last.fm, was behind this until I saw this VICE profile by @wurstzombie.