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Curious how this stacks up against Boom 2, which is amazing.
@benwikler I was going to ask the same thing. Here's the Boom 2 thread, btw. cc @rohithbhat
@benwikler Boom constantly crashed my Mac, plus it's *only* an EQ, while Hear is an EQ + lots of other sound enhancing stuff. It just sounds better than Boom, for me at least. There's also a heck of a lot more control w/ Hear.
@benwikler Boom 2 is the bomb.
@benwikler Hear is works on a Mac or PC and gives you the ability to fully customize your sound preferences. The presets are designed to really improve and enhance the sounds based on what you are listening to, whether it is electronic dance or country music. Prosoft offers free phone support from our California based offices.
On the Mac, having a system-wide EQ generally requires all sorts of hackery...which is a pain when using audio/music apps like Spotify or Rdio. Hear takes away the hackery and makes any audio you choose sound like delicious ear candy. The software feels a *tad* dated, but they're definitely still working on it.
Nice - could see the benefit of muting specific notification sounds for messaging apps too.
System wide EQ, or the lack thereof, is something that always bugged me when working on my Mac. I've tried a number of those "hackery" solutions. Soundflower worked ok for me but it was never just quite right. I'll definitely be trying this. Thanks!
Hear is an app that vastly improves the sound quality of your internal or external speakers on your Mac or PC. Your music, movies and games will sound richer and can be cusomized and adjusted to your own preferences. Hear offers a wide array of settings and presets. It will also let you control the sound volume independently of all the open apps you have running. It is one of those apps that is extremely simple to install and try out. I encourage you to try our FREE version from here: https://www.prosofteng.com/hear/... Here is a special offer for 50% off for Product Hunt members (valid until 7/16): https://www.prosofteng.com/hearf...