Anonymously Talk & Listen

Hey, co-creator of EpicMealTime here. This is my new app and I want to know what you think. And yes, I still love bacon.
I'm curious what types of conversations people have on this. What have you heard so far, @sterlingtoth? P.S. EpicMealTime is awesome. Well done. :)
@rrhoover The best part is every conversation is unique, you never know what you're going to hear. Everyone has a small story to tell and being anonymous helps people open up and express their feelings about things they may never have had the courage to say before. Ps. Love ProductHunt, it's so simple and clean.
@tacomanator So...Omegle? I guess if you can stake the claim in the mobile realm where Omegle has vastly failed then there might be a place for this. I do really like the mininalism vs the childish look of Omegle. Any cool technologies being used here? P2P or something?
@itsthisjustin We all know what Omegle is full of... However, Hear was made to connect people on an emotional level in an anonymous area to help fuel true expression. Our goal is to consistently provide an enriching experience.
@sterlingtoth no comment on what Omegle is full of, but whatever it is I think it helped Omegle grow. People want an audience. Omegle growth is also helped along by sharing the experience with the world (i.e. youtube). Again, people want an audience. I suspect that it will be harder to grow Hear. I not sure most people have patience to be an audience without more interactivity, or a compelling way to share the experience with the world. On creep factor, I wonder if Hear will be as susceptible. "Audio only" adds a level of anonymity, and anonymity is the inverse of restraint. Not to mention the feature of listening in on someone's conversation without them knowing. I can imagine a lot of people doing this rather than trying to have a conversation. How do you plan to provide establish a culture and provide an "enriching experience"? I can see a higher chance of success with a dating angle... then again I'm no expert!
@tacomanator Thanks for the input! We have many plans for the future, however we wanted to start with a basic concept and grow from there. We wanted to get the app out there to see how the community responds. This is just the beginning.
@itsthisjustin Not sure about cool technologies since I didn't make it :) Hear will probably differ from Omegle in how and how much it grows (see comment to @sterlingtoth). If Omegle wanted to, they could simply add "Audio only" as feature, but you may be on to something in making a claim on mobile. As far as the minimal site goes, my opinion is that Hear, which rests on being able to appeal to emotions, should make their landing page and app less "techie" and more "inviting." Perhaps something like Spotify's landing page, but with conversations. The landing page can also suggest the kind of conversations users should have or expect, which will help establish the culture.