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Hello Makers and Hunters! We are excited to be on Product Hunt today. To give you some background on what motivated us to create Heap: We were tired of the limitations existing solutions had. There had to be a way to express yourself more emotionally, more detailed, more focused on experiences than on things. We managed to create a new format combining all possible media types in a non-linear way. Where else can you combine up to five videos in one post? … one post? By simply shaking your phone, you can arrange the elements the way you like to create beautiful compositions. This is why we created Heap. We are looking forward to your feedback!
Are you thinking of launching an Android version soon? Or probably a web version? This could really compete against Tumblr. Nice work! Loved the aesthetics.
@rutgerteunissen Thank you so much for your feedback and compliment. We are really happy to hear that! With the resources we are currently raising, we should be able to deliver an Android version by the end of this year. And if we’re lucky enough, there could also be room for a web version ;-)
Interesting product, thanks for building it. Do you have plans to add a web based desktop version? I ask because as a fairly active blogger, I find mobile to be a tough medium on which to compose.
@arlogilbert Thank you very much for your feedback. One goal in creating Heap was to make the blogging and composition process on the fly as easy as never before. Heap allows you to create emotional posts and you might use them as previews for your web blog etc. However, we also know that mobile blogging focuses to a much larger degree on (moving) pictures and elements that do not require too much typing. That’s why we are also working on additional elements to be included in a „Heap“ (as we call the compositions) such as calendar, location, links.
@samibln @arlogilbert makes an important point - blogging still tends to be text-heavy, and mobile-first/only platforms don't provide a good experience for writing and editing. That said, the additional elements sound interesting - you might also consider an integration with another, more text-friendly platform to enable rapid importing of text composed on a standard keyboard.
@eliservescent We totally get your point. We should definitely consider the integration of additional elements that link to texts. On the other hand, we also witness that people are less willing to read long texts on their mobile. So we should also think about the best possible format of consuming content on mobile. Heaps, that's what we call the compositions of up to five elements, is our answer.
How does this compare to Storehouse? (https://www.storehouse.co/)
@esbvn Thank you for your question. We are big fans of Storehouse. Still, we believe that there has to be something, where you can simply express a lot of emotions in a very fast and mobile-only way. When we designed Heap, our first objectives were: fast, on the go, simple to use, the post should be consumable without scrolling.
Genuinely interested by your choice of name considering Heap analytics appears to be doing well both in terms of business and SEO. Is the thinking that as this is a mobile app it wouldn't matter so much to have the same name as people will be searching on the app stores rather than desktop?
@tommoor Hi Tom, to be honest, we decided to take Heap as our name without a proper Google search. With regards to SEO you’re absolutely right that this is not really an advantage. But we are now continuously working on it. Until then, we rely on direct links, recommendation systems and ASO.